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Re Adult Learning Classes at Ashington High School

“I feel the class I attend on Computer learning has been really worthwhile as an older person who had never previously studied the subject. The tuition I have received at Ashington High School classes has been first class and I would not not hesitate in recommending anyone who is intending advancing their knowledge ,however small, in computers should attend the courses at AHS.”

John Johnston.

“l attend two classes at Ashington High School, the IT class l attend is very informal and great fun, our tutor, Jill is very patient with us, we are all older and take a little longer to take it all in, we also enjoy the fact we have no exams to worry us.

The other class l attend is floral art, l have met lovely ladies and the tutor Judith is great and so helpful, l am not at all artistic and just a little help from Judith can make all the difference to a display.”

Jane Findlay

“Computer skills learned in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and no exams to frighten the timid. Enjoyed and still enjoying the learning.”

Evelyn Jobson

“If you are looking for an adult computer course, without any pressure, learning at your own pace, with a teacher who has the time and patience to help you gain confidence.¬†Look no further! Enrol at Ashington High School Adult Learning.”

A Happy Adult Learner!

“I really look forward to my IT class which I attend on a Tuesday morning at Ashington High School, our tutor Jill is very helpful and informative and has given me the skills I need. It is so part of my week…meeting with friends and the learning, without any exams…”

Brenda Convery

“I have learnt a great deal from the computer classes I have attended over the past twelve months. The handouts which you have prepared for the many varied uses of the computer are very useful – but I constantly need to refer to them as you know how forgetful I am !!

Apart from what I have gained about the subject, the social contact is great. Always very friendly so keep up the good work as you cope well with our group of oldies.”


“This is a excellent course run in a friendly atmosphere that lets students learn at their own pace.”

Peter Betteridge

“I was first drawn to stick dressing because I liked the idea of keeping an old traditional craft going but the classes offer so much more than that. I enjoy attending the classes because, as well as getting advice and support from John, the tutor, and the others in the class, there is a good social atmosphere and I look forward to the crack every week. I continue to attend because of this and because it has helped to lift the depression I suffered from following an accident about 15 years ago.

Jill and the community team are very good at keeping us up to date with things that go on in the school and are helpful if I have any questions about anything.

I miss the camaraderie when the class is not on during school holidays.

Thank you.”


“Monday Computer Class – I joined with trepidation as my previous experiences had not been good !!

Here the atmosphere is relaxed and amusing but we do work and learn something new every week.

We are mixed ability and Jill has endless patience offering us all equal attention – it has become a very enjoyable 2 hours of the week.”

Norma Melia

“I attend two classes at Ashington High School, the IT class is on a Tuesday morning and caters for the mature student,and is relaxed with no exam(we don’t need certificates at our age) and the stick dressing that has its own pace for every person,both courses cater for like minded people, with tutors who are switched to students need.”

Ken Scott

“Sitting here reflecting on the class today and thinking how fortunate we are as mature students to have tuition in such a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure and a very efficient and extremely pleasant tutor and not having to think about future exams as most computer courses are aimed at, and really none of us are interested in qualifications especially myself being in my seventies, but keen to learn programmes and facilities that would be of benefit to me for keeping in touch with friends and family also being a keen photographer the many benefits available in this field. All computers available are being used and sometimes on very different exercises please keep up the good work Jill & Lisa and I am sure I speak for everyone in the class see you Monday.”

Derek Blake