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Exam Results Table


2012 2013 2014
5 A* – C inc Eng & Maths 48% 53% 37% The headline figure for GCSE results is disappointing.
The drop from 2013, after three years of rapidly improving results, was unexpected
and we appear to have caught up in some issues that have been discussed nationally
around GCSE English results. We were not expecting English to perform as it did and
are working hard with the exam board to try and understand where the issues have
come from. We have requested a large number of papers to be remarked and are
contesting the moderation of our coursework in this subject.
5 A* – G 92% 94% 90% Disappointing that this measure has gone down slightly,
students in this bracket will historically have relied heavily on BTEC courses which
now only count for two of the five qualifications in the headline figures.
Achieving 5 GCSE grades for every student in the school remains a big target going
EBAC 6% 14% 11% Disappointing that the EBAC measure has gone backwards
after improving so much, a number of students who did not get a C in English have
negatively affected measures.
English A* – C 55% 53% 48%
English 3 Levels of Progress 62% 54% 46%  See Comments above re English
English 4 Levels of Progress 25% 15% 20%
Maths A* – C 55% 68% 58% Although a drop on the amazing
results of last year, maths still shows a three year improving trend and we are
working hard to continue to close the gap to national figures. We were not overly
disappointed with this set of results in the current climate as we were only 2%
from our FFT A target and were without the benefits of multiple entries, which
supported some of the improvements made last year.
Maths 3 Levels of Progress 58% 68% 59%
Maths 4 Levels of Progress 27% 26% 18%
Pupil Premium Gap 38% 28% 27% A very small step forward, we are in line with both
Northumberland and national average gap, but are still working hard to improve this
figure considerably.

Year 13

2012 2013 2014
Number of Students  67 65 70 Steady increase which is pleasing, looking
at similar numbers in Year 13 for 2014-15.
A2 A – E pass rate  97% 98% 99% Beyond the Northumberland overall pass rate
for 2014 of 98.8%. Steady increase over the past 4 years and very close to 100%
i.e. every student achieving a pass grade in all subjects which would be a great
achievement. Overall results at Year 13 were a huge success and a positive
reflection on the hard work and effort of both staff and students at Post 16.
A2 A* – B pass rate(inc BTEC D*/D) 27% 49% 51% Fantastic set of results at the top end of
our academic achievement again and a steady increase in a positive direction after
last year’s major jump. Very pleasing.
Average Points Score per student 656 663 766 Still Short of the national figure, however
only 3 schools in Northumberland exceeded the national figure and AHS has the most
improved KS5 results in the County. Superb move forward again.
Average Points Score per entry 192 207 214 Again a steady increase in the right
direction over the past 3 years – gives the average grade achieved as a C compared
to a D three years ago. Pleasing improvement.

Top-Performing Students

Amy Martin A* A* A A (AS) Physics at Edinburgh University
Bethany Chambers A* A A B (AS) Maths at the University of Manchester
Nicola Tweedy A* A B Psychology at Durham University
Nick Powley A A B B (AS) Gap Year before applying to Medicine
Katrin Thompson A B B Psychology at Glasgow University
Sean Wallace A* Dist* C Games Design at Leeds Met University
Devon Prior A Dist* C Adult Nursing at Northumbria University
Laura Allen Dist* Dist* Dist* Performing Arts at Sunderland University
Hannah Lynn Dist* Dist* Dist* Adult Nursing at Sheffield Hallam University
Leaoni Skinner Dist* Dist* Dist* Gap year before Adult Nursing Degree

Year 12

2012 2013 2014
Number of students 85 85 85 Quite a static year for Year 12 AS results- larger cohort doing AS
exams but pass rate remained strong which was a positive indicator of improvements
made, particularly without the benefit of January module exams. Retention from year
to year is again on the up which is another indicator of progress being made. We
look forward to another superb set of Year 13 A level results from these students
in 2015.
AS A-E pass rate 75% 85% 85%
AS A-B 22% 26% 24%
Average Points Score per student 251 268 268
Average Points Score per entry 151 176 165
Retention – Y12 Students in Y13 78% 82% 90%