11th March 2016

Message from Our new Chair of Governors

Dear Parents / Carers

I am writing as chair of the governing body of Ashington High School to bring you up to date about how the school is being governed and how you can help us and the staff to do our very best for your sons and daughters.

On 1st March 2016, the former Governing Body of Ashington High School stepped down. The school is now directed by a Temporary Governing Body, which will stay until a long term solution is announced by the Department for Education. We cannot give you a time for this because it is up to the DfE. However, the Temporary Governing Body will stay in place until this happens. We have met, identified what is going well and areas that need more improvement. We will work conscientiously with staff and leaders to raise standards further and secure the school for the future.

The TGB is very experienced and knows schools well. Patricia Wager, the chair, was head of Sacred Heart High in Newcastle for 15 years, an outstanding school. The vice chair, David Cookson, is an experienced senior leader who has worked in many highly regarded schools. We have an ex head teacher of another successful school and several leaders from industry. Importantly, we also have two parent representatives to keep us rooted in realities, also the principal and a staff rep.

Most important, I wish to re-assure you that that the staff are working hard and teaching well to give your children the very best education. Having visited lessons, seen school assessments and spoken to leaders and many staff and students, there is every reason to be confident that the school is improving rapidly in all of the areas that were criticised by inspectors. This is not being taken for granted, and is being checked very carefully by senior leaders.

Staff are checking thoroughly that students are on track to meet the higher standards required in examinations. Please impress upon your children that staff are here to help in any way they can and students must tell the teacher if they are not sure about something. Right from Year 7, this is vital. To do well, all students must, with your full support, be at school every day, listen to their teachers, behave themselves, do the work and always do their homework carefully. Success in any school depends on parents, students and staff all pulling together in partnership.
If you have any concerns about your son or daughter’s progress, please get in touch with Mr Douglas at the school. Thank you most warmly for your continuing support and I look forward to a bright future for Ashington High School and its community.

Yours sincerely

Patricia Wager
Chair of the Temporary Governing Body