12th January 2016

New Year News

The new term has started very well and the response from students and staff to our new facilities has been very positive. Staff worked incredibly hard before Christmas to move their classrooms out of the Annex and into the new building, and although there are inevitably still some small issues to resolve, all in all our school is a much improved place to learn in with our extension now open.

Year 11 parents will have the opportunity to look around the building during Y11 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 13th January from 3.00-7.00pm. All other parents are welcome to join us for a look around at a Parents Drop-In on Wednesday 20th January from 5.00-6.30pm. This will be an informal evening where you can look at the building and chat to Senior Leaders and staff from the C&G Faculty if desired.

The back gate to school is now closed and locked at 8.35am and does not re-open until five minutes before the end of the school day. Students need to be in school by 8.40am. Any student who is late to school at the front door without a valid medical or personal reason (or if the school bus runs late) will be issued with a ‘Late AM’ Community Flag and you will receive a text message informing you of this. Two Community Flags in a week will result in an after school detention.

Uniform and shoes are also being checked rigorously as students enter the building and during tutor time and lessons. Students who are not in the correct uniform and are without a valid medical or personal reason will be isolated until contact with home can be made and a solution found. Our uniform policy is on the school website; if you have any queries or problems with regard to uniform please contact the relevant Year Manager as soon as possible so that we can prepare a solution to support your child.

Language and positive communication was a concern before Christmas. since the holiday, behaviour has been positive  from the vast majority; let’s hope this can continue for all of 2016!

We have a number of Parents’ Evenings this term, dates are below. These are key events in the school year as they allows us to discuss with you face to face your son / daughter’s progress. Please do try to attend as the importance of feedback, communication and parental engagement in education is well documented as a major driver for success.