17th September 2015

Residential trips and events

As the school year begins to get into full swing and our students continue to settle incredibly well into their studies, I thought I would write to you to make you aware of some of the many trips, visits and enrichment opportunities that we have planned this year.

As always, staff here at Ashington High are once again keen to bring their lessons and learning to life by offering opportunities beyond the classroom. Throughout the year there will be many chances for your son / daughter to engage in clubs, teams and House activities after school and at lunchtime, and different subjects have different activities planned throughout the year.

Departments will contact you as appropriate on an individual basis for smaller, more local activities. However, as a parent I understand some of the demands of planning for larger events so below is a list of our larger residential events to enable you to see in advance some of the fantastic opportunities on offer.

  • November 2015, 1 week, Lake District Outdoor Activities Trip, Year 9 and 10, £180. Mr Burns (only 10 spaces left)
  • January / February 2016, 1 week, France Ski Trip, Y7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13, £825. Miss Scott
  • February 2016, 4 nights, Disneyland Paris STEM Trip, Y7, 8, 9 and 10, £280. Mr Hogarth
  • February 2016, 1 week, Arvon Creative Writing Trip, Y9 and 10, £100. Mr Cook (limited spaces left)
  • March 2016, 1 week, New York Trip, Y12 and 13, £850. Mr Walton (limited spaces left)
  • July 2016, 1 week, France MFL Trip, Y7 and 8, around £380. Miss Herrema
  • July 2016, 3 nights, Biology Fieldwork, Y12, around £175. Miss Traynor

If you have any questions or queries about any of these trips please contact the member of staff highlighted above as the visit leader. Some trips have already started recruiting; letters are available from lead members of staff. Trips yet to launch will be promoted with info and letters to students as the year progresses.

I look forward to hearing of some wonderful experiences in due course.

Best wishes,

Gary Douglas
Interim Principal