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At Ashington High School we pride ourselves on our good reputation and high standards. As such, we consistently strive to ensure all students are dressed appropriately in full school uniform at all times. We have enlisted the help of Emblematic and TeenScene to ensure that parents and carers obtain a uniform that conforms to that required by Ashington High. The uniform displayed on the Emblematic website show styles that we strongly recommend. Emblematic and TeenScene can supply all sizes for boys and girls.

Click here to view our Uniform Policy:  AHS Uniform Policy Sep 2016

Unacceptable Uniform

Should a student be found to have the incorrect uniform, it may be that he / she will be placed in the ‘Bridge Isolation Area’ whilst parents / carers are contacted. If an issue is corrected on the same day students will be able to return to lessons.


As stated in the uniform policy all shoes must be smart plain black leather shoes. Below we have enclosed pictures of what is deemed as appropriate footwear:

Boys Shoes

Acceptable Footwear

Shoe 1 Shoe 12 Shoe 9 Shoe 8
Shoe 7 Shoe 6 Shoe 5 Shoe 3
Shoe 2 Shoe 14 Shoe 13

Unacceptable Footwear

Shoe 4 Shoe 17 Shoe 16 Shoe 14
Shoe 15 Shoe 11 Shoe 10 Shoe 1
Shoe 7 Shoe 2 Shoe 3 Shoe 5
Shoe 6

Girls Shoes

Acceptable Footwear

Girls Shoes 1 Girls Shoes 2 Girls Shoes 3 Girls Shoes 4
Girls Shoes 5 Girls Shoes 6 Girls Shoes 6 Girls Shoes 7
Girls Shoes 8 Shoe 12

Unacceptable Footwear

Shoe 11 Shoe 10 Girls Shoes 9 Girls Shoes 10
Girls Shoes 11 Girls Shoes 12 Shoev2 4 Shoe 8


LEAP points will be awarded for consistent correct uniform.

If you have any queries regarding the Ashington High School uniform policy please contact the school on 01670 812166 or e-mail