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What is FROG?

Frog is a Virtual Learning Environment. It is a web-based platform which staff, students and parents can access from within Ashington High School and anywhere else in the world – as long as you have an internet connection!

To access Frog, you can use the link on the top right of the website, or save this web address to your favourites:


Our VLE has a number of functions but its primary goal is to facilitate students’ independent learning. Each subject taught at Ashington High has its own Subject Website and every single course has its own dedicated page.

MFL Course Page

These course pages host a wide range of relevant resources, including interactive quizzes and revision guides. Subject Websites are also available to parents for the purposes of supporting their child in this process.

To further our students’ learning, staff issue timetabled homework tasks on the VLE. Some homeworks can be completed on Frog but others are simply notifications with attached resources which means that students can’t lose their homework guidance or forget when it’s due. It also allows parents to see any outstanding assignments.



We also run a number of bespoke systems on our VLE, designed in-house by our IT, Web & Media team.

The LEAP system encourages students to behave in a positive manner by rewarding them with LEAP points. Students can then use these points to purchase rewards from our online store. Rewards include subsidised stationery; time-locked web browser games; vouchers for shops such as ASDA, Grainger Games and Debenhams; and even an Amazon Kindle Fire HD!

LEAP Store

The FLAGS and ALERT systems record incidences of negative behaviour and, where necessary, generate automated interventions allowing the Care & Guidance Faculty to monitor and deal with patterns of behaviour.

 Positive Discipline

Frog hosts the bespoke Positive Discipline system which was developed in-house by our Web/VLE Team. It encompasses behavioural procedures and technological systems to focus on delivering transparent, clear and consistent behaviour management and high quality parental engagement, involvement and communication. Click the link to go to the Positive Discipline page.