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Bullying and Online Safety


Bullying is defined as:

‘The repetitive intentional hurting of one person by an individual or group where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. Bullying can be carried out, physically, verbally, emotionally or in cyber space’

Ashington High School is a recognised anti-bullying school and has received accreditation from Northumberland County Council. Bullying will not be tolerated.

anti-bullying accreditation

We have a dedicated Anti-Bullying Focus Group (ABFG) which consists of a team of students who meet regularly to discuss issues relating to bullying and plan events to raise awareness. Each member of the ABFG acts as a peer mentor for other students who may have experienced bullying but do not wish to speak to a member of staff.

Please contact a member of the Care and Guidance faculty if you are concerned about bullying.
Please contact Mrs Phimister in Care and Guidance for further information about the ABFG.


For more information about bullying, please click on the following links:


E-SAFETY – keeping your child safe on the Net

At Ashington High School we ensure our students are well educated within a safe environment by maintaining rigorous safeguarding processes and promoting Fundamental British Values. The internet has changed all of our lives, whether used for communication, entertainment or information. Many parents though feel as though they are playing catch up with their children when it comes to using technology and the internet. This will become increasingly harder to monitor as students mature and as technology continues to advance. The website below features useful tools to keep parents informed:


Alongside this website we have created an Online Safety section with useful advice for you to access via your parent Frog account and password. Your child will also have access to this information.

If you need to speak further about any online safety concern, or want any further advice or guidance please contact your child’s Year Manager.