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Parent Award

Working with parents to raise attainment

At Ashington High School all subject departments regularly track and monitor the progress of each student. In Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 parents can expect to receive a Grade Update 4-5 times a year, in addition to the traditional annual Home Report. Through this system of monitoring we are able to intervene early if necessary to discover the reason for under-attainment and to provide the support necessary to get students back on track.

The school is highly committed to working in partnership with parents. It recognises that parents are the single most important factor in terms of educational success. Parents do not need to be subjectLPPA specialists to help their son/daughter as that is the role of the teacher. However, they do need to be well informed about the examination process and their important role within it. We therefore offer numerous family learning workshops designed to prepare both students and parents for the challenge of exams. At these sessions parents have further opportunities to meet with the Principal and subject teachers. In confidence, they are able to discuss issues or concerns that may affect progress. Working together, we can ensure the potential of every student is recognised and realised whilst at Ashington High School, thereby raising attainment and ensuring the well-being of every child in our care.

As recognition of our proactive work and our on-going commitment to working in partnership with parents, the school was awarded the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’ in January 2015.