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Positive Discipline

The Positive Discipline system was created by Ashington High School staff specifically for Ashington High School students and parents. It encompasses behavioural procedures and technological systems to focus on delivering transparent, clear and consistent behaviour management and high quality parental engagement, involvement and communication. Primarily, the Positive Discipline system targets low-level disruption around school in lessons and at social times. It offers a consistent approach to dealing with this type of behaviour, meaning students know what is expected of them and know what will happen to them if they fail to meet these expectations. From a student’s perspective, it gives confidence that all members of staff will treat students fairly in accordance with the PD procedures.

The Parent’s Role

One of the key determining factors in a student’s wellbeing and happiness at school is the support that parents and guardians offer throughout these important years. PD tries to harness this power by giving parents as much live information as possible.

We will provide you with a username and password to access Frog, on which the PD system is based. If you do not have this username and password, please e-mail—the Web / Media team will be in touch.

To best support your child, please log in to Frog regularly. From here you can view your child’s Behaviour Profile which shows everything that happens as part of PD at Ashington High School. You can see all of the good stuff—and any rewards which they may bring home—as well as the less attractive things like Flags, Alerts and Detentions. There is quite a lot of detail on these profiles but if you would like to understand more, you can use this information to have a constructive conversation with your child’s Year Manager.

Alternatively, you can download our PD Parent brochure here.