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4 Step Process

The key message we receive time and time again from students when talking about dealing with negative behaviours is that it’s really important for staff to be consistent. As part of the Positive Discipline system, staff will utilise a 4 step process when dealing with misbehaviour in the classroom:

1 First warning
2 Second warning
3 Flag
4 Alert

To ensure the student knows that they have received these warnings, staff will mark them on the whiteboard (or separate PD Grid) in their classroom.

This process works because each step gives the student a chance to amend their behaviour. Students will be given 2 warnings before any type of sanction occurs and if they still continue to misbehave, it is a choice they have made to do so.

After using warnings and Flags, if a member of staff has to raise a 4 Step Alert, the system will automatically generate a one hour detention which the student must attend the following evening. In addition, the student will be asked to leave the classroom and sit in another room with a different teacher.

If the student refuses to do this, or fails to do so in a timely manner, a member of staff from Care & Guidance will attend and remove the student to his / her Tutor. If this occurs, at the end of the day (or another opportune moment) the Tutor will ring home to discuss the student’s behaviour and will also take the student for a restorative conversation with the member of staff who raised the Alert.