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School is much more than just the time spent in lessons, we endeavour to make it a genuinely positive experience for all students and to come together as a real community. To ensure our community remains positive, any member of staff can issue Community LEAP points or Flags for behaviour outside of the classroom. Littering may earn a student a Community Flag, but helping a member of staff with heavy folders will be rewarded with Community LEAP points.

Weekly Diary

At the start of each week, students will be provided with a weekly diary. These must be carried by students at all times, and staff may ask for them at any point during a lesson or break/lunch time. In morning registration, tutors will ask students to write a goal for the day, such as  something new they wish to learn, extra effort they want to put into a subject or a piece of work they intend to complete. If students don’t have their weekly diary at any point, they will be given a new one but also issued with a Community Flag.

PD Time

Last lesson of each day now has a duration of 1h 10m. The last 10 minutes of this time will be used as “PD Time”. Students will use this time to reflect on their daily goals, and their teacher will use this time to input any Community LEAP Points or Flags that have been written into students’ weekly diaries.