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When students don’t adhere to the school rules, or fail to live up to the expectations we have for our students, members of staff may issue a Flag.

Flags are our first formal, recorded warning when a student misbehaves and will stay on the student’s behaviour profile for the whole school year. Alongside statistics from the LEAP and homework systems, this data allows us to track behavioural patterns effectively.

Similar to LEAP points, our Flags have categories.

Flag Description Examples Process
Attitude to Learning Student isn’t engaging with learning Doing a minimal amount of work, hoping to avoid getting in trouble 4 Step
Behaviour Student is misbehaving Talking over the teacher answering back; inappropriate to other students 4 Step
Not Following Instructions Student refuses to do as the teacher says Refusing to take coat off; refusing to move seats 4 Step
Orgainisation Student isn’t well-enough organised to participate fully in lesson Forgetting pen; books; PE kit Immediate
Late Student arrives late to lesson without a note Immediate
Absconded Student leaves lesson without consent Leaves without being dismissed; leaves room after being alerted Immediate
Mobile Student has their phone out in
lesson without consent
Uniform Student’s uniform doesn’t comply with behaviour code and student has no note No tie; incorrect footwear; jewellery etc. Opportunity
to correct
Community Student fails to meet requirements of the behaviour code outside of lesson Littering; aggressive play-fighting; swearing; being in the wrong area Opportunity
to correct

NB: Some Flags will be given as part of the 4 Step Process where others may be given immediately, or after asking students to fix their uniform / pick their litter up etc.

In addition to these Flags, staff may issue a Blue Flag. This has no sanction attached to it, but is used as a form of communication between staff about students. Primarily this will be used if a student does something in a lesson which the teacher thinks the tutor should speak to them about, but will also be used if a teacher has concerns about a student’s wellbeing.