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All mandatory, timetabled homeworks (referred to as Formal homeworks) are set on Frog and staff will mark each student as having completed their homework task or not.


It is vitally important that students take responsibility for seeking out and completing their homework tasks.

If any of these expectations are not met, or the quality of the homework is not sufficient, students will be required to attend a 1 hour detention in which they will complete the homework task.

If a teacher is absent on a homework’s due date, they will re-issue it upon return to work – homework tasks will not be collected in by cover supervisors.

Only genuine explanations will be accepted for non-completion of homework. If you have any concerns about your child’s ability to complete a homework task, please ask them to attend the Detention drop-in session which is held every breaktime (11:00 – 11:20) in room 42.

Informally-assessed homework tasks

Informal homework assignments are set on Frog as a notification of study. This may be in the form of ‘pre‘ or ‘post‘ learning, additional reading and so on. Students will not hand such tasks in during class time like a Formal task, and these assignments will automatically disappear from their list of ‘open homework tasks’ after midnight of its due date.

It is important to note however that teachers will still check to see if students have completed the work, through verbal questioning or peer assessment for example. If a student clearly hasn’t put any effort in, a sanction such as an Organisation flag, lunch-time or after-school detention outside of the PD system may be applied.