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Negative behaviours


When students don’t meet the school rules, or fail to live up to our expectations of our students, members of staff may issue a Flag. Similar to LEAP points, our Flags have categories.


Flags are our first formal, recorded warning when a student misbehaves, and will stay on the student’s behaviour profile for the whole school year to enable us to track patterns of behaviour. We follow a similar process for positive behaviour with detailed analysis of the LEAP system.

Some categories of Flag may be given to a student immediately for non-compliance e.g. Late, Uniform and Mobile. Flags in other categories however will follow our 4 step process.

4 step process

We talk to students regularly about dealing with negative behaviours in lessons. The key message we receive time and time again is that it’s really important for staff to be consistent. As part of the PD system, staff will now follow a simple 4 step process:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Name on board
  3. Issue a Flag
  4. Raise an Alert

They will firstly give students a verbal warning. If the student persists with their misbehaviour, the member of staff will then put the student’s name on the board. Neither of these steps are formally recorded. However, if a student continues to misbehave, their teacher will issue a Flag in the relevant category. As a final step, if a student simply cannot comply with the school rules and follow the teacher’s instructions, the member of staff will raise an Alert.


Teachers can raise Alerts for three reasons – a student has absconded, a student has reached the 4th step of the process or, in rare circumstances only, an extreme behaviour situation. This will send an instant message to the Care & Guidance Faculty, sounding a loud alarm. One of the Care & Guidance team will respond to the Alert and come to the classroom to remove the alerted student(s). Any student who receives an Alert will automatically receive a full day in the school’s Behaviour Unit shortly thereafter.