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Praise and reward

Ashington High School has used the Learning Effort & Achievement Points (more commonly known as LEAP) reward system as part of our Frog VLE for 5 years, with great success. Members of staff award LEAP points to students in a number of categories:

Category Description Examples
Attitude to Learning Student is engaging with learning and
trying their best
Working hard; actively asking questions;
responding quickly to the teacher
Behaviour Student demonstrates positive
Being polite; not speaking over others;
holding doors open; helping peers
Progress Student’s work output, their academic
progress, shows a positive trend
Organisation Student attends lessons with correct
equipment and is ready to learn
Leadership Student demonstrates leadership skills
or takes the initiative
First to get on with a task; helping others;
organising a group of peers
Community Student helps the Ashington High
School community
Holding doors open; being polite to staff
and peers around school; picking up litter

Students can then log on to Frog to spend these points in the LEAP Store. This is an online shop from which students can purchase a large number of rewards. Once a student has purchased their reward, they can collect it from our rewards administrator, Mrs Hume, in the Post-16 area.

Rewards vary in price and purpose. We offer some low-priced, subsidised products to help keep students organised at school, e.g. pens, pencils and scientific calculators. We also have some products to help students get ahead at school like lunch time queue-jump and astroturf passes. With more points, students are able to buy vouchers for the cinema or well-known stores like Grainger Games and Argos. At the top end of the spectrum, if students really save their LEAP points—and this will probably take more than a single school year, but points roll over, so it’s easy to save—they may be able to afford our aspirational prizes like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD!

In addition to the LEAP reward system, Ashington High School endeavours to reward students in other ways:

Praise phone call Rewards trips Lunch pass Postcard home
Assembly prizes Raffles Vouchers Challenge activities