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A key component of the PD system is its crystal clear sanctions. Our system is set up to automatically generate sanctions based on the following ‘triggers’:

Trigger Sanction
Homework not handed in on time 1 hour detention, dropped to 30 minutes if student brings completed
5 Flags in a week, or in same subject over a half-term 1 hour detention
8 Flags in a week, or in same subject over a half-term Part time in Behaviour Unit and Year Manager intervention
11 Flags in a week, or in same subject over a half-term Full day in Behaviour Unit and Year Manager intervention
2 Community Flags 1 hour detention
2 Late to School Flags 1 hour detention
Refusal to attend detention 1 hour detention with SLT on Friday and on-going tracking (see below)
4 Step Process alert 1 hour detention
Absconded alert Full day in Behaviour Unit and Year Manager intervention
Crisis alert Varying, dependent upon severity and involvement

As seen above, sanctions escalate with repeated offences. However, the data also resets in the given time period—e.g. if a student receives 3 Flags one week, then 3 Flags the next week, they will not receive an automated detention.

Sanctions are analysed by the student’s Year Manager before being ratified. Once a sanction is approved, a text message (or notification on SchoolComms app if you are signed up for that) will be sent to parents / carers. On the morning of the detention, the student’s name will be highlighted on the PD system’s Classroom Interface, so teachers know to bring the student to the hall at the end of the day.

It is important to note that refusing to attend a detention is taken very seriously. This includes missing any detention without clearance from Care & Guidance. It is a clear breach of the school’s rules and behaviour policy which is why any student who misses a detention will be expected to do a Friday detention with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. In addition, this occurrence will be logged and tracked by Care & Guidance and may be used as evidence when trying to determine whether the student is still eligible to be part of the Ashington High School student community.


Although we believe that all students must receive the same punishments for their misdemeanours, we also know that every student is unique and that it is vitally important to treat students to suit individual needs. For this reason, the PD system also generates a number of analytical reports which allow Care & Guidance staff to flexibly intervene with students who display certain patterns of behaviour, such as a sudden surge in negative behaviour or problems in a specific subject.

Such interventions may take the form of a conversation, a phone call home, time with a member of the Senior Leadership Team or myriad other options. These will still be logged in the PD system so every student has a profile of their behaviour – positive and negative. This enables us to track intervention methods which work best with each student, allowing them to demonstrate the best possible Attitude to Learning.