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Supporting your child

The Positive Discipline system has been designed so that parents/carers don’t have to do much, apart from of course discuss your child’s behaviour if they have been sanctioned. The most essential element of the system is communication – if you want to receive the text/e-mail notifications about any sanctions your child has received, please make sure your mobile phone number and e-mail address are up to date on our records. You can do this by completing the form on the school website or on Frog.

You can view a full list of your child’s behaviours on Frog. Log on and click the My Child menu then select Behaviour Profile. This page will give you a list of LEAP points, rewards purchased, Flags, Alerts, Sanctions (and whether or not they attended) and homework tasks (again, including whether or not the task was completed on time). You can filter and print this page to suit your needs.

In terms of general support, please do everything you can to support your child with homework and revision, and please ensure that your child has the right equipment and uniform to meet every challenge at school. You can view a list of the required uniform and your child’s timetable of lessons on Frog, or in the Parent Support Pack.

In addition, we believe that one of the biggest strengths of the PD system is that it allows parents to have constructive conversations with their child about behaviour at school. An example may be that, having seen your child has been alerted for using inappropriate language toward a member of staff, you explain that you would lose your job if you did the same.

It is also hugely important that you discuss the positive elements of your child’s behaviour too. We will always endeavour to tell your child when they’ve done well but it will have more impact if you reinforce that too. School life can be challenging at times and every student enjoys it much more—and performs much better—if they’re being told they’re doing well.

If you have any questions about your child’s behaviour, you can contact their Year Manager, or another member of the Care & Guidance team.

Year 7 Mr A Holliday
Year 8 Ms L Wiseman
Vice Principal
KS3 Behaviour
Mr J Robinson
Year 9 Mrs L Cameron
Year 10 Ms K Taylor
Year 11 Mrs A Ranft
Associate Vice Principal
KS4 Behaviour
Mr S Walton
Post-16 Ms S Bell

If you have any queries about the Positive Discipline system, please e-mail If you are unable to access Frog or are having other technical issues, please log a support ticket with our Web/VLE team by sending an e-mail to