7th February 2017

AHS staff support the development of future teachers in our region

Newcastle University Science Teachers Practical Training Day at AHS

The trainee science teachers from Newcastle University were fortunate enough to be invited to attend a common practical assessment criteria (CPAC) training day at Ashington High School. From the minute we arrived we were greeted by warm and friendly staff who had organised a range of CPAC lessons to be observed, ensuring each attendee experienced a range of year groups and subjects. The day focused on the implementation of CPACs at A-level but also included a focus on utilising the same assessment criteria in lower year groups, thereby allowing pupils to develop the skills required to pass the CPACs from a younger age. This was an approach many of us had not previously seen in other schools; observing the progress made by the younger pupils led to the belief that it will have a very positive impact on their practical endorsement at A-level. The staff at Ashington provided useful information on how to run and assess CPAC lessons thereby providing trainees with a far better understanding of how they, as an NQT, can maximise pupils’ achievement when they begin their teaching practice next year.  Will Postlethwaite

Practice Interviews for Trainee PE Teachers at AHS

Ashington High School partnered with the North East Partnership SCITT last week in an extremely valuable Mock Interview Day for this year’s trainees. Five volunteer ‘candidates’ submitted an application form and were selected to experience a real life interview process at the school. In the morning, candidates were each required to complete a literacy task, a student panel, an informal interview, a teaching episode and then the formal interview after lunch. The other trainees were divided amongst the candidates for the duration of the day to support them and take notes to provide quality feedback after each stage. The carousel of activities was as real as you could get with the Principal, the Head of PE and other senior figures within Ashington High School being present and involved. It has been one of the most beneficial days of the training year so far as job applications and interviews are beginning to arise for us all. We all felt privileged to be a part of the day and each and every one of us have learned from the experience that we can take into potential future interviews. Jess Read

“As an observer I found the day to be exceptionally valuable. We had the opportunity to see how others interpret common interview questions and therefore reflect on their answers as well as what we can personally do differently. Ashington High facilitated a range of realistic tasks that an interviewee undertakes in a typical teaching interview that some of us were unaware of. Personally for me the student panel was a whole new experience. Other feedback given about the experience from other observers found the day to be a confidence boost. The interviewees were really good allowing the more anxious observer to gain a better understanding of what to expect. As a result of the outstanding training we have all undergone we would all feel more confident and fully equipped to do ourselves justice in a real interview.” Jonathon Leck

I thoroughly enjoyed our Mock Interview Day at Ashington as a candidate. The constant feedback and advice throughout out the day, from our team of coaches as well as the brilliant staff, has been an invaluable learning experience. The whole process from the application form to the carousel of activities and formal interview gave me a greater insight and understanding into what to expect on a typical interview day. Some of the activities during the day were completely new to me so to be able to get feedback from experienced staff and being able to reflect with my team of coaches has definitely better prepared me for future job applications. I am very thankfully for Ashington High being so willing and helpful throughout the day as I now feel a lot more confident in applying for my first teaching job.” Rebecca Love