10th December 2016

AHS students elected to Northumberland Youth Cabinet!

Over 6,000 young people in schools across the county voted this week to elect Youth Parliament representatives and new members of the Northumberland Youth Cabinet.

Tara Blyth and Abbie Emery were two of the five young people elected to Northumberland’s Youth Cabinet and Tara was also one of two elected to Northumberland’s Youth Parliament.

This year’s ballot saw the highest ever turnout of young people voting.

Polling took place at participating schools on Wednesday 7th December and the results were announced at County Hall on Thursday 8th December by Northumberland County Council’s Returning Officer.

Leader of Northumberland County Council, Grant Davey, Councillor Robert Arckless, cabinet member for children’s services, Civic Head Alan Sambrook and Councillor Anthony Murray were present to hand out the awards.

Councillor Robert Arckless said: “We are proud to have so many young people that care deeply about the future of the county. I’d like to congratulate all the successful candidates and wish them every success as they take on important roles representing the county’s young people.

“There was a really high turn-out at the polls which just goes to show how tuned in young people in Northumberland are and how much they care about where they live.

“The new members of the Cabinet and Parliament have got some great ideas and are all really passionate. I’m looking forward to working with them and I’m sure they’ll achieve a great deal for young people in the county.”

The new members will take up post of their two year term on Monday January 30th 2017 following detailed planning of their projects for the forthcoming year when they will be joined by the existing Youth Cabinet and Youth Parliament members.

The Northumberland Youth Cabinet is an elected body of 13 to 19-year-olds, representing the views of young people across Northumberland. They develop projects based on the issues they campaigned for in their election manifesto. This includes topics such as young people and democracy.

2016 was a record breaking year with an astonishing 48% turnout in the Youth Cabinet election and an incredible 50% in the Youth Parliament election. A total over over 6,000 young people cast their vote in each election.

More information on the work of the Youth cabinet can be found by following these links:

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