12th April 2017

Easter Achievement Assemblies

It is important that we recognise and reward the achievement of so many of our hard working students. At the end of each term we celebrate and reward students for their efforts and attitude to learning alongside their academic progress. We also recognise students’ contribution to the House system and the efforts of our extra-curricular sportsmen & women.

The last week of the Spring term saw students from Year 7 to 11 receiving their achievement awards in assemblies held by Year Managers throughout the week.

The top 30 students in each year group for attitude to learning and for progress in lessons were entered into separate 500 LEAP point draws.

There were 650 Subject awards issued to students by their teachers for demonstrating resilience and progress in their lessons.

Students who displayed excellent attendance, attitude to learning and behaviour were all entered into a raffle to ‘go to the movies’ with their Year Managers on either the Thursday or Friday afternoon in the last week of term, with Sixth Form students helping out with popcorn and drinks for the successful students.

100 girls whose attendance had significantly improved or was outstanding were also given a luxurious lesson in hand massage and nail painting. Excellent attendance students were also celebrated with early Easter Eggs!

Congratulations and well done to all students who received an award for their efforts and contribution to the school over term 2. Keep up the hard work!