18th July 2017

Letter from the Chair of Governors

Dear Parent / Carer

I write as Chair of the Temporary Governing Body of Ashington High School for the last sixteen months to thank you most warmly for your support during this school year, and to bring you up to date with changes at the school.

We were put in place by Northumberland County Council to run the school and help it to improve until a permanent decision was made by the Department for Education in London about how AHS will be run in future. This has taken much longer than we hoped. However, it is now certain the North East Learning Trust (NELT) will sponsor Ashington High School to convert to becoming an academy within the NELT and will be given responsibility from September 2017. This is a good way forward, compared with the sponsors that some other schools have been given, since NELT is a respected organisation with a proven and impressive track record of running a number of successful schools in County Durham and the leaders of NELT are very keen to work with the staff here to help Ashington to flourish.

Ashington High School is already well placed to move positively forward. The staff and students, with your support, have worked extremely hard over this last year to raise standards and to give your children a happy and successful education. It has been a year of great change in courses and examinations and the staff have made sure that students have been well prepared. The governors have seen high standards of teaching and of student behaviour, which I am sure that you will have appreciated yourselves. Of course, we can always learn from others, and the staff welcome the additional support and ideas that NELT will provide.

Our work as a temporary governing body will cease from the end of August 2017, as was always intended, and NELT will create a new governing body within their structure. Wisely, they have invited members of the existing governing body to apply to join the new governors in order to maintain continuity and local community involvement.

On behalf of the Temporary Governing Body, I would like publicly to thank Mr Douglas, the senior team and all of the staff at Ashington High School for their hard work and dedication to the students and community of Ashington and to wish them and you every success. I am confident that you will see continuing improvement and a bright future.

Yours sincerely

Patricia Wager
Chair of the Temporary Governing Body