22nd October 2016

Safety Works Centre Visit

A group of our Year 8 students recently visited the interactive SafetyWorks Centre in Newcastle .

SafetyWorks is operated and managed by Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue ServiceĀ and is a multi-agency interactive safety centre serving the community. It provides an innovative, enjoyable learning experience enabling visitors to participate safely in realistic situations illustrating everyday hazards and how to prevent them.

The Aim of SafetyWorks is to:

  • Act as a focal point for fire safety, community safety and crime prevention education
  • Improve quality of life and community safety
  • Provide realistic and interactive scenarios which enable practical learning in a safe, controlled environment
  • Promote good citizenship by encouraging visitors to consider the consequences of their actions on themselves and other groups who wish to use it
  • Encourage the development of wide-ranging community safety education and training for statutory, voluntary and private sectors
  • Promote good citizenship by encouraging visitors to consider how their choices can impact on their future
  • Support young people to understand and to be able to protect themselves against child sexual exploitation
  • Enable young people to understand the risk associated with drug and alcohol misuse
  • Help young people to understand about the importance of healthy relationships

When students arrived, they were greeted by the team who were made up of the police, fire service and St Johns Ambulance service. They introduced themselves and explained they were going to help us learn how to stay safe within the community through visiting a prepared scenario, identifying the dangers and learning what steps and actions to take to avoid risk.

The students were split into groups and sent to different parts of the building. The building itself is very impressive, it resembles a small community and contains a realistic street, a prison cell, a park, a hospital, a shop, a house and even a metro carriage. Each group was led by one member of the emergency services and the students engaged in each activity with interest and enthusiasm. The students were impressed with the centre and learned about how to stay safe on the roads and the dangers of drugs and fires.

The day was informative and enjoyable, the staff at SafetyWorks were also very complimentary about the students and commented on how smart and how well behaved they all were.

Well done Year 8!