6th March 2016

This is Creative Enterprise

This is Creative Enterprise’ www.thisiscreativeenterprise.com is one of the region’s most successful creative programmes for young people in secondary schools (Year 9 onwards). The programme is truly unique and has a proven track record in providing young people with hands-on careers progression opportunities and guidance specialising in the creative sector. Workshops are facilitated by creative professionals, enhanced by business tours, industry professionals and supported by Further and Higher Educational institutions. ‘This is Creative Enterprise’ is a first step into providing an industry-led overview of creative industries and therefore giving young people the tools to make informed decisions about their future.

26 of our Year 10 students recently took part in a Computer Science Bronze Stage Workshop.

The day began with a brief introduction to Computer Science and the many job opportunities available. Phil, the TICE facilitator, then went on to explain about his background and what he’s doing now. He also touched on what the Silver Stage would entail should the students make it through. Once all of the background information into Computer Science had been explained, our students were straight onto the computers for a tutorial on how to work Scratch.

Scratch is a website which allows you to create animations or games etc using coding commands to control sprites and make them interact with the other elements of the project. For some Scratch was not a new concept so it enabled them to have a chance to explore Scratch properly and just learn what else they can do with it having only used it for the basics before. They were then given free range to create either an interesting animation or a short game using Scratch skills. Some of the games that were produced were really impressive! There were space exploration games, road-based games where the aim was to dodge obstacles, as well as a good old-fashioned pong style game. Our students really grasped the idea of Scratch and flew through the task.They all then had to explain to Phil how they had created their game and what they had found easy or difficult. Most of them breezed through it, creating some really interesting work.

After the lunch break they moved on to html coding. For most of them this was a bit more difficult than the mornings task but they all did really well. Phil started the afternoon off with an introduction to coding using Jsfiddle. Jsfiddle is a website that allows you to create your own site using html and adjust the elements using css. They learned what different coding does and how to alter different components of their website such as changing the font, the colours and how to create drop-down menu buttons. The students created some really interesting websites using all of the different coding that Phil had shown them. Again they had to present their website to Phil and explain what they had learned from the session and show him how their site worked.They all came out of the day with successful games or animations and some really cool websites.

All in all a very enjoyable and successful day! We will post details of the Silver Stage in the next few weeks.