18th May 2017

Young Writers Group

During the Easter holidays one of our Year 8 students, Cerys Ford, saw an advert for a ‘Young Writer’s Group’ with the Live Theatre in Newcastle and decided to apply for a place. She was required to submit an application detailing why she would like to take part and what she could offer along with her idea for a duologue.┬áCerys worked very hard on her application during a family holiday, and was thrilled when she found out that she had been offered a place.

There will be seven other young people aged between 13 and 17 (Cerys was offered a place even though she is still 12) attending the group on a weekly basis at the Live Theatre on Newcastle Quayside. Supported by the Theatre’s Literary Manager, Writer in Residence and Creative Associate, they will write a duologue which will be performed at the Theatre’s Summer Festival in August.

Cery’s idea for her duologue was a conversation between two 14 year-old girls discussing the thoughts, realities and perceptions of life in care vs family life. Below is an excerpt from Cerys’s application and the mind map which she used to help organise her thinking is shown above:

“I would love to be part of this unique opportunity to express new emotions with new people through the art of writing. It would help me develop confidence and knowledge with a growth of ability. It would be a brilliant experience and would help me break down the barriers of school restrictions.”

“I would be interested in sharing ideas and meeting people with similar thoughts and interests, and creating a product both collaboratively and alone. This project presents an opportunity which is not part of my everyday experiences and will allow me to express new thoughts through my imagination.”

As you can imagine, Cerys’s parents are very proud of her, as is the school!